Best Beach Cart Reviews

What to know when you shop for the best beach cart

A beach cart is probably one of the most handy things to have for people who regularly go to beach. For those who make multiple trips from the car to the beach carrying all kinds of items, you know it is really tiring. Now, you can buy a beach cart and roll lots of stuff with it. But, searching for the best beach cart could be frustrating if you aren’t certain what exactly you are searching for.  There are many models and makers of beach carts with prices ranging from tens of dollars up to several hundred dollars. At, we reviewed a few popular beach carts to help you find your ideal carts.

Top 3 Beach Carts Quick Comparison

Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart Ultra
Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart
Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

Why you need Beach Carts

When you have kids, you have to carry a lot of things when go to beach. You may have to make numerous trips from your car to beach. But, with beach carts, you simply roll everything there. It makes life a lot easier.

A few things to look for when shop for your carts

1. Weight capacity and Price

This is used to describe how much weight a beach cart can support or carry. Of course, the more, the better. But, usually the price goes up with weight capacity.

2. Heavy duty utility or folding beach carts

Most of the beach cars in the market could be put in two categories. One category is the heavy duty utility beach cart. These carts have a higher weight capacity, 200 lbs.  In general, they are more expensive than folding beach carts. On the other hand, the folding beach cars are inexpensive relatively speaking. But, their weight capacities are lower.

3. Large Tires

The large and wide tires make beach carts easy to maneuver through the sand. Often, you find beach carts equipped with two big wheels.

4. Real customer reviews

It’s always smart to check out customer testimonials of the items you intend to purchase online. Generally, these reviews are created by people that used the beach carts and passionate about products. One can learn quite a bit concerning the actual performance of those carts.

Top-Rated Beach Cart Reviews

Rio Wonder Wheeler Ultra Beach Cart

Having a load capacity as high as 100 pounds, you’ll be able to take your gears necessary for an enjoyable day at the beach without making multiple trips back and forth from the car. This weight limit enables users to carry a lot of things such as body boards, towels, a cooler, and even a beach umbrella. This Rio beach cart is ready to hit the rugged terrain, even when it is loaded to capacity. The durable extra-wide 10-inch rear tires assist the Wonder Wheeler to move in the sand easily during beach transport, making the transportation of important beach supplies less of a challenge than carry them by yourself.  Also, it includes a detachable tote for towels, water bottles or sand toys. This product gets excellent reviews amazon. Here is one of those.(link)


Click Here to check out Rio Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart


Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart

There are lots of great things to say about the Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart, however the most important as well as features would be the large beach wheels that measure 16.5 inch. Wheeleez inflatable balloon wheels can handle tough terrain, making them ideal for the soft and bumpy sand. Interestingly, these wheels are detachable, which can be an excellent option for storage. Its tub is constructed of durable, weather-resistant polyethylene, sturdy enough to resist challenging of rocky shores. Its weight capacity is up to 220 pounds. That is a lot compared with those of regular folding carts. Its frame is made of rugged marine grade anodized stainless steel and able to endure sun and moisture, which is essential for beach trips. Although this cart is on the higher end of the price range as far as beach carts go, it could be worth the extra money. Overall, the Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart does what it says it will do. Here is the detailed review.


Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart


Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Carts

The Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart eliminates the problem of multiple trips to carry all your beach stuff when you visit the beach. Built big enough to handle many things you may need, when conveniently collapsible to enable you to easily move the carrier, it’s the right choice for beach lovers to move all their personal items to the beach. The cart comes with an all steel frame that easily collapses down for transport. At only 13 pounds for the total weight, anyone can easily manage this cart. The storage area consists of a mesh carrier that has 15 cubic feet of storage space as well as an umbrella holder. The mesh bags are great for the beach since you can rinse them off to get rid of salt and sand, and quickly dries. Once cleaned, the cart can be simply folded and stored.


Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Carts

The big back tires make it an easy task to move around through the sand. The wide back tires prevent the cart from sinking into the sand, which is especially helpful on beaches with sugary soft sand. The All-Terrain Cart was created with beach lovers in mind. If you want to move lots of gear to and from the beach, you will be pleased with the ease that you have with this cart.


The Beachcomber Wagon

The Foldable Beachcomber Wagon by MaxSports is a superb addition to your outdoor gear equipment. The extra wide tires with deep threads helps the wagon coast easily over sand and rocky terrain. The front wheels are also wide, but positioned close together to make steering easy on sand and gravel. The Beachcomber Wagon has a weight capacity of 150 pounds and is foldable which makes it easy to fit in your car and store while at home. It comes with a total weight of 22 pounds, which makes it light enough to lift. Created for individuals who have a lot to carry to the beach, this wagon could have multiple purposes and still stay in great condition for every beach trip that you take.foldable beachcomber wagon

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Then, what is the best beach cart?

It depends apparently. In general, Rio Wonder Wheeler Ultra beach cart could be an excellent choice. But, if you are not under tight budget and will carry heavy items to the beach, the heavy duty Wheeleez beach cart could be an ideal option for you.