Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart Review


There are many great things to point out about the Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart, but the most important and unique features are the large beach wheels that measure 16.5 inch. Wheeleez inflatable balloon wheels are capable of handling tough terrain, which makes them perfect for the soft and bumpy sand. The wide tread and flexible polyurethane material combined with a low PSI of only two or three means this cart will roll smoothly over gravel, concrete, rocks and asphalt.


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The tub is made of durable, weather-resistant polyethylene, so it is sturdy enough to withstand the toughest of rocky shores. With the ability to hold up to 220 pounds, the tub can haul an ice chest, boogie or body board and all the gear necessary for many beach activities.

The frame is made of rugged marine grade anodized stainless steel and is able to stand up to sun and moisture, which is essential for beach trips. The included kickstand is made of the same material, and keeps the cart stable for loading and unloading, which is a really convenient feature. Even though the frame and tub weigh under 30 pounds, the cart can handle loads over seven times its own weight.

The detachable wheels are great for storage, and the handle and kickstand both fold in for quick and easy transportation. Filling the tires with air is also simple when you remove the wheels before the cart is loaded. It’s a good idea to rinse the cart with fresh water and allow it to dry after each use and before storing.

Putting the cart together right out of the box is easy and requires no additional tools. Once the cart is assembled, it is ready for immediate use.

Although this cart is on the higher end of the price range as far as beach carts go, it could be worth the extra money. Though they probably won’t be necessary, it is possible to purchase replacement wheels from Wheeleez directly, which means not having to purchase an entirely new cart should a wheel experience a puncture or other mishap.


All in all, the Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart does what it says it will do. With proper maintenance, care and cleaning it is a great way to help make going to the beach fun and easy for many trips to come.